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 The project of the sauna complex “Saunaempire” nurtured during 10 years has acquired the desired image and is becoming open to the public. Now a great, uniquely designed Saunaempire steam bath-entertainment complex has been opened in Vilnius. We strive to provide our customers with the atmosphere of a Roman bath of the highest quality and exclusive design. Environmental interior with ancient Roman motifs - decorated with marble. The long-known health effects of marble are still highly valued in modern medicine. Marble is a living mineral that has a beneficial effect on health. Rest on a marble stone bed, a bench is the wisdom of the ancient Romans adapted to strengthen the health of modern man. The 220 m² complex is equipped with a warm and cozy marble pool with underwater turbo massage jets and a water cascade “Lion’s Nose”; 8-seater marble whirlpool-whirlpool; 23-seat banquet hall with a marble mosaic round table and a luxurious handmade solid wood throne. For the convenience of customers, there are 5 seats of heated marble near the aquarium and 7 seats near the whirlpool. We offer to relax together with families: in the nearby restaurant "Nykštukų pasaulis" we offer to enjoy Caucasian cuisine www.nykstukupasaulis.l there is a children's playroom-attractions, where caring parents can leave their children to enjoy a variety of toys, attractions and games ”.
The project attracted a great deal of interest from businesses in the possibility of hosting their events indoors. Vilnius residents and guests are in dire need of luxurious and indoor spaces for events, themed parties, presentations, birthdays, bachelorette parties, bachelorette parties, weddings, christenings, which will make this entertainment complex highly welcome on the market as a new popular venue. It is an extremely innovative and unique place according to the needs of each client. The marble environment is soothing, giving a sense of luxury that allows you to relax and enjoy your relaxation time.
The project organizers hope that the entertainment complex will contribute to encouraging people to choose high-quality and reliable recreational environment services. The benefits of a Roman steam bath and water treatments are particularly relevant because they are designed for active, dynamic people, and the effects of water treatments and massages are well known for their benefits to human vitality, physical fitness and well-being.

      The organizers have no doubt that the new and exclusive marble stone environment will attract citizens and guests to try the sauna experience "Saunaempire", which provides new experiences.


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